Peladeau pleads guilty to breaking election law, contests fine

Pierre Karl Peladeau is challenging the penalty levied against him after he pleaded guilty to violating Quebec election law in connection with his 2015 Parti Quebecois leadership bid.
    The president of Quebecor Inc. used personal funds to pay debts of roughly $135,000 he amassed during his successful leadership campaign.
    Quebec law stipulates leadership candidates must pay campaign-related debts with individual donations or be subject to a fine of between $5,000 and $20,000.
    Peladeau took to Facebook in May to announce he would not solicit donations to pay his debt and would instead use his own money.
    He pleaded guilty July 10 but contested the amount imposed on him.
    A spokesperson for the election authority wouldn't specify the sum in question and Peladeau didn't respond to a request for comment.