Pens party with the Cup, ends up in the pool... again

After 82 regular season games, 25 more in the playoffs, the Pittsburgh Penguins had one heck of a pool party at Sidney Crosby's house.

The Pens captain had the majority of the organization over, along with of course, the Stanley Cup.

One of the highlights featured Mario Lemieux jumping into the pool, fully clothed.

As the players and their families partied and took turns drinking from the Cup, hockey's Holy Grail eventually wound up in a familiar place when partying with the Penguins.

The pool.

As pictures were being posted online of the party, you can see the Stanley Cup, just floating in the pool in the background.

Lord Stanley's Cup is no stranger to the water after Pittsburgh wins it all. In 2009, after defeating the Detroit Red Wings in seven games, Owner and Team President Mario Lemieux threw his own party. It did not take long before the Cup was joining the team for a swim.

However, that wasn't even the Cup's first dip in Pittsburgh. 

According to NHL folklore, after the Penguins won their first of back to back championships in the early 90s, Lemieux had the team over to his place for a massive celebration. One of the highlights of his home was a four-tier neon-lit waterfall connected to an in-ground swimming pool.

Pens defenceman Phil Bourque climbed the waterfall, lifted the Cup over his head and then hurled it into the pool. Nearly two decades later Bourque told the Penguins official website that it sank straight to the bottom within ten seconds.

The victory party at Mario's was said to be so wild, it's the title of the book, 'Why Is the Stanley Cup in Mario Lemieux's Swimming Pool? How Winners Celebrate With the World's Most Famous Cup.' It's been since that infamous day that the NHL has assigned a Keeper of the Cup to travel with it where ever it goes.

History did not repeat itself, and the Cup seemed to be no worse for wear as the Penguins showed it off to the city of Pittsburgh before Tuesday's Pirates game, where Sidney Crosby was invited to throw out the first pitch.

If there are any new dents in the trophy they'll be on full display as the team takes part in its victory parade Wednesday.