Pierrefonds Comprehensive High becomes Sandbag Central

As water levels are expected to continue to rise in flood-prone areas of the West Island this week, students from across the West Island made it to Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School on Tuesday to pitch in with flood relief efforts, including filling hundreds of sandbags.

In fact, the school has been Sandbag Central since Sunday, when people started using the school grounds as a gathering point. Dozens of volunteers have answered the call since then — many of whom still have vivid memories of the flooding in 2017.

Pierrefonds-Roxboro mayor Jim Beis says they're still desperately short of volunteers — especially people with pickup trucks and trailers.

In the meantime, for the high schoolers that gathered to fill bags, it's a priceless lesson in doing your civic duty.

"This is an educational opportunity for them to give back to the community, and some of them are still learning what that means," says Jim, an English teacher who spoke with CJAD 800's Matt Gilmour on Tuesday. "But we'd rather do it in a hands-on setting like this instead of in a classroom."