Pierrefonds flood victims feel they have been left hanging

Residents in Pierrefonds affected by the spring's flooding are getting increasingly frustrated and upset over how the compensation process is being handled and how long it's taking.

René LeBlanc said the straw that broke the camel's back was when he got a call last week from a government official saying they had lost his damage evaluation report that was done at the end of May.

The report is a key step in finding out how much compensation he'd get for flood damage and how to go about getting repairs done.

LeBlanc said some of his neighbours haven't even seen an appraiser yet and that another was chastised by a government worker who told her they were dealing with a lot of claimants. 

Another neighbour told CJAD 800 News via yourstory.ca that after handing in his file, a government official told him two weeks later they were missing information and that he has yet to hear back after submitting it last week.

"The support has not been there, and being patient, well, I think we've been very patient," said LeBlanc in an interview with CJAD 800 News.

A spokesperson for the  public security ministry said that in the Montreal area alone, they've assessed almost 480 homes and issued over $5.6M in cheques for nearly 800 claims to date. They've paid out over $18.5M in claims across the province with over 4300 claims made so far.

LeBlanc said he believes they're in over their heads.

"Why are there not people from the government there with boots on the ground to say, Let's go from house to house and see how we can resolve this rather than saying, Sit back and wait and we will call you?" said LeBlanc.

"What would happen if we had a (Hurricane) Katrina, and god help us, what would happen if we had an earthquake where tens of thousands of people on the island of Montreal or metropolitain area would be affected?"

The ministry said they're still hiring extra workers, arguing they are dealing with the fallout from historic floods.

Over 5000 Quebecers were affected by the flooding.