Pioneer condo project refused; no demolition: Pointe Claire Mayor

The iconic Pioneer bar in Pointe Claire has been saved from the wrecking ball.

A proposed condo project for the land has been refused by city council and the 117 year old building won't be demolished.

Mayor John Belvedere says the developer needs to make modifications to the project, for it to go ahead.

"Any demolition of any building in Pointe Claire is not allowed, unless we have an approved project to replace it," says Mayor Belvedere.

Belvedere acknowledges there was a lot of opposition to the development but calls the decision a victory for everybody.

"I think what it shows is the system was working, the system worked, there's a process we have to go through, there's consultations, the people were heard. We want to work with the people too.  I think it was a win-win for everybody," he says.

Consultations have been ordered with the heritage society and the public.