Plante administration, opposition team up on anti-Bill 21 declaration

The Plante administration and the official opposition have teamed up to table at city council today a bipartisan declaration against the religious symbols law Bill 21.

Mayor Valérie Plante and leader of Ensemble Montreal Lionel Perez said it was important to speak with one voice against the bill which they said goes against the Montreal values of "inclusiveness, openness and plurality." 

Perez called the bipartisan declaration an "historic moment."

The declaration says “Bill 21 does not reflect the daily reality of Montreal society, which is rich and unique in terms of culture and diversity." It goes on to say that Quebec is already a secular society and there's no need for the province to legislate what government employees wear.

Plante had said in the past that the city would apply Bill 21 if it were adopted in its current form but she is now taking a wait-and-see approach as parliamentary commission hearings are set to begin.