Plante, Bronfman, Garber meet at city hall to talk baseball

Montreal mayor Valérie Plante has given her blessing and support for the return of a Major League Baseball team to the city, but still remains vague about what that support entails.

She met with businessmen Stephen Bronfman and Mitch Garber at city hall for about 40 minutes during a meeting that was aimed at getting to know the major players at the table and some initial discussion about a baseball team returning to Montreal.

The two Montreal men are spearheading the drive to get an MLB team back to the city.

"If the return of a baseball team is good for Montreal, we're in," Plante told reporters after the meeting.

Bronfman reiterated that they did not come asking the city for money to fund the venture.

Plante said support could mean public transit or finding land for a new stadium. As for tax breaks,..

"I think that's all very premature. Stephen made it clear to the mayor that the baseball file is a slow-moving file. If there's a team that can move to Montreal or a new team that can be established in Montreal, we'll figure out what the conditions are needed to attract that team," said Garber.

"We're not asking the city for anything today other than for the city to support the idea of Major League Baseball coming back and being good for the city of Montreal."

Bronfman said that support is very important.

"It means a lot. If this is going to work, everybody has to be on the same page. We need the support of everyone, citizens. The city plays a big role," said Bronfman.

The meeting was the first between Plante and Bronfman while Plante has already met with Garber in the past.