Plateau borough looking to shut down stag party house

The Plateau Mont-Royal borough is going to court in an attempt to shut down a building it says is being operated as a bachelor pad hosting wild stag nights.

La Presse reports that the hostel-style building on Ste. Famille St. is owned by an entrepreneur who also organizes bachelor parties, often featuring scantily clad women and a lot of drinking.

City records indicate the building is owned by a numbered company whose principal stake-holder is a company called Connected Montreal, which specializes in racy parties, including poker nights with bare-breasted croupiers, sushi-tasting events with topless models, and "legs and eggs" breakfasts designed for rough mornings after.

Neighbours have complained to the borough about the comings and goings, especially late at night, as well as the goings-on that can be seen through the windows.

Last week, the Plateau borough passed a motion authorizing its legal department to seek an injunction to force the building's owners to stop what's been happening in the house, and a neighboring building.

The owner of the buildings denies there's anything untoward going on there.

CJAD 800's Richard Deschamps contributed to this report.