Plateau construction plans have some calling foul!

You may have heard Montreal's Mayor say we're a baseball city, but a group that regularly uses the diamond at Jeanne Mance park in the Plateau is hoping for proof.

During the summer dozens of teams use the park to play softball, but impending construction and resurfacing the adjoining tennis courts threatens the game they love.

The problem, the area around the courts is restrictive, meaning parking spaces and navigating equipment will not be easy. The solution proposed by the contractor, use the baseball diamond to store equipment and vehicles.

"The plans that we received from the city website show that all of the bleachers, backstop, and fences are supposed to be removed," Marisa Berry Mendez, a regular softball player told CTV Montreal.

If the plan goes forward as is, the softball diamond would be out of commission indefinitely, and many are worried its chances of returning are slim to none.

"We don't have a confirmation, but we don't have any communication or transparency about what the plans are" Berry Mendez said.

The contract for the construction job will be awarded in May.