Plateau restaurant owner says city will have to take down controversial facade, not him

The owner of a restaurant in the Plateau is furious with the city of Montreal. 

Khyber Pass restaurant on Duluth is being forced to remove its cedar facade after fighting for years to keep it.

CTV's Amanda Kline reported the owner, Faruk Ramisch, who's owned the establishment for 22 years, said the facade was ultimately designed and built, among other things, to reflect the eatery's Afghan cuisine.

"Since he built it nine years ago, he's been in conflict with the city and originally it was because the facade was built without a permit, but then, ultimately, the city decided that it doesn't comply with the city's urban planning committee", said Kline.     

Ramisch, who's been fined and has admitted the facade was built without a permit, saying he was unaware of the rules, argued it won't take down the controversial facade, that it's up to the city to do so.

The facade, which is expected to be removed by year's end, is said to have taken three months to build at a cost of $50,000.



- With files from CTV