Plattsburgh cabbies fined for ripping off migrants

Plattsburgh, New York taxi drivers who were preying on migrants desperate to reach the Canadian border has been fined for inflating their fares.

Christopher Crowningshield of Northern Taxi was nabbed after an undercover investigator posed as a migrant looking for a taxi ride between the Greyhound bus stop in Plattsburgh and the popular illegal crossing point on Roxham Road.  

La Presse says only after the ride was underway was the investigator informed that the fare was $200 - nearly three times the usual price for that distance.

Crowningshield was fined $2,500 for breaking rules on the posting of fares.

Two other cab companies which overcharged to a lesser degree were also fined.

C & L Taxi agreed to pay $900 in penalties after charging an investigator $100 for the run to the border instead of the regulation $77.50.

Town Taxi and Medical Transport was fined $350 and cooperated with the investigation after charging $85 for the border run.