PM fields questions in Sherbrooke, but refuses to speak English

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced questions from hundreds of people at a packed town hall meeting in Sherbrooke, but some residents were visibly annoyed by a couple of his answers.

He was asked about pipelines, immigration, and how the federal government will help small business owners. The questions were asked in both of Canada's official languages but Trudeau said because he was in Quebec he would only speak French, even when addressed in English.

One woman asked the Prime Minister what would be done to help Anglophone-Quebecers in the Eastern Townships seeking health services that are difficult to find in English. 

Despite the woman asking the question in English, Trudeau responded in French, saying offering services in both languages is something that he is concerned about while reiterating the federal government's investment in health. 

Former Conservative MP Jason Kenny called the move bizarre and offensive, tweeting "exactly the sort of arrogance that undermines support for bilingualism." 

Trudeau will continue his tour of Quebec Wednesday in Lac-Megantic where he is scheduled to meet Mayor Jean-Guy Cloutier. 

The Prime Minister said "will see what we can do to help this community that was crushed emotionally." said Trudeau.