Police cracking down on organized crime in the wake of public killings

Several police forces, including Laval police, the Sureté du Quebec, and the RCMP are stepping up their presence in some areas in the wake of several recent high-profile shootings thought to be tied to organized crime.

They've banded together to launch Project Repercussion, which will see more uniformed patrol officers, and more raids, in places where gangsters tend to congregate.

The May 4 murder of 49-year-old Salvatore Scoppa in the ballroom of a Laval hotel, in front of family members who were gathered for a First Communion reception for one of his young children, was the tipping point.

Meanwhile, last Friday night a 24-year-old man was shot in the head at a restaurant at the Dix-Trente complex in Brossard. And on Sunday evening, a 42-year-old man was shot to death in a residential neighborhood in Terrebonne — another apparent gangland settling of accounts, according to police.

Laval's police chief, Pierre Brochet, says the idea behind Project Repercussion is to protect innocent people from the kinds of brazen public attacks that he says reminds him of the kinds of attacks seen at the height of the biker wars in the 1990s.