Police cruisers parked because passenger seats aren't electronic

The provincial police force will be parking 225 of its cruisers at night because the passenger side seat doesn't have electric controls.  

These are Fords, the Police Interceptor model of SUV made in 2016 and 2017.  

It's an SQ police officers contract requirement that seats be electrically controlled because they can be adjusted more precisely and in more positions than manually-controlled seats.  

It's not an issue during the day, when provincial police officers do solo patrols, only at night when they work in teams and the second officers sits in the front passenger seat.  

It may sound picky but the union tells the Journal de Montreal that badly adjusted car seats can cause back problems in officers because of all the gear they carry on their torsos, including a belt that weighs about 10 pounds.  

Until those cruisers are replaced at the end of their useful life, they'll be parked at night unless officers voluntarily choose them for patrol duty.  

The new Interceptor models do have electric passenger seats.