Police defend $642 ticket for Easter celebration fireworks in Plateau backyard

Montreal police are defending a $642 ticket given to a Plateau Mont Royal man for having fireworks set off at his home during Easter Sunday celebrations.

Inspector Benoit Amyot of Station 38 said they received four calls that night reporting gunshots or fireworks.

He said officers entered the backyard of the home in question and proceeded to issue the ticket.

Amyot said in an interview with CJAD 800 News that police can enter the premises or a backyard if they have motive to believe an infraction that puts public security at risk is being carried out.

Jimmy Makrygiannis had told CJAD 800 News at the time that when police asked who was responsible, his cousin stepped up and he got the ticket, though the home belonged to the mother of his cousin. Makrygiannis had also said the ticket seemed excessive and that they should have gotten a warning or a less costly ticket.

Amyot said it's up to the officers whether to give a ticket or a warning but that in this case, it was a matter of public security.

Amyot said they gave a ticket in this case, considering there were several calls, people thought there was gunfire, it was a residential area and the possible dangers of setting off fireworks

Amyot said he admits $642 is a lot, but it's meant to be dissuasive.