Police honour teen who helped catch alleged sexual predator

The Montreal police department's Sexual Exploitation - Child Pornography and Luring division honoured a 17-year-old girl who helped officers catch an alleged sexual predator.

Livia Roderigues was honoured for her bravery after an incident at a gym in Lachine.

Police said Livia works at the gym and was in the bathroom when she noticed a hand, holding a cellphone; poke out from under a stall. Livia grabbed the phone and attempted to leave. A man exited the stall and tried to convince Livia to give him back his phone, she refused and tried to leave but the suspect blocked her path.

The teen pushed the larger man out of the way, ran out of the bathroom and immediately called police.

"The SPVM wants to highlight her exemplary courage and self-control, which allowed for the preservation of evidence that was essential to the laying of charges, in addition to allowing for the identification and arrest of this sexual predator," police said in a statement.

According to police the man had been using the cellphone to take pictures of girls using the bathroom.