Police investigate threat made against group of trans women


Police are investigating online threats against a social group for transgender women.

A man whose Facebook profile has since been deleted wrote to the group called Taking What We Need.

The man said trans women are “mentally ill” and “human trash” and he included a link to the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Florida three years ago, where 49 people were killed.

The Beaubien Brasserie, where the group holds regular parties, has filed a police report.

The women say they have a right to hold parties just like everyone else.

“They're upset at us for existing in public. Like, they don't want trans women to exist in public and have social lives,” said Estelle Davis of the group Taking What We Need. “If we're looking at it from a hate crime perspective, these kinds of threats and this kind of violence happens to all kinds of people, but we really wanted to take a stand.”

The group is planning another event at the brasserie on July 20 but will have increased security and is hoping for a big turnout by supporters of the trans community.

“We're not going let that demotivate us,” said Davis. “We have a right to exist in public as women. It's really important to our well-being and our social and mental health.”