Police investigation into anti-Semitic graffiti on NDG car has stalled

The Montreal Police Hate Crimes Unit investigation into anti-semetic graffiti on a car in NDG has been put on-hold - for the three weeks - while the responding officer takes a vacation.

“The officer that was working the desk is on vacation right now so as soon as he gets back I will get all the information and see how he answered the questions of the plaintiff,” said  Station-11 Chief, Jean O'Malley.

Steve Shivalofsky and his girlfriend had already received an apology from the officer for his initial response to their complaint. 

“The officer that took the report apologized maybe because it took a little bit longer to take the report,” said O'Malley.

Chief O’Malley said they take these types of incidents seriously and suggested their investigation started slowly because the couple didn't include contact information in their initial complaint to police.

This all started on Wednesday after a hateful message with a swastika was written in shoe polish on the passenger side door of the couple’s car. 

Shivalofsky’s girlfriend nearly drove off with the hateful phrase, but a note from a neighbour thankfully alerted her to the vandalism first. The police officer suggested the couple was “wash it off.”

An activist responded with a Facebook Live VIDEO cleaning up the graffiti and criticized the Montreal Police response.

There are no suspects yet, but the investigation is looking at all possibilities and clues, including the odd choice of using shoe polish for this crime.

“Over the years it’s a first and normally people are going to use spray paint to do that kind of mischief,” said O’Malley.