Police: Soldier shoots attacker outside Louvre

The Paris police chief says a man armed with a machete and shouting "God is great'' in Arabic launched himself at soldiers and police officers near the Louvre Museum. One of the soldiers shot the attacker five times, gravely wounding him.

Police chief Michel Cadot says the attacker was also carrying two backpacks but they were later found not to contain any explosives.

Video: @voiceb0xx

One soldier had a minor scalp injury.

The museum in the centre of Paris is one of the French capital's biggest tourist attractions.

Soldiers on patrol are part of security measures that have beefed-up in the wake of terror attacks in France in 2015 and 2016.

The sirens went off and the emergency escape doors lifted from the ground. 4 armed guards then sprinted around the grounds outside...

— VoiceB0xx (@voiceb0xx) February 3, 2017

.. Of the pyramid entrance looking for something.

— VoiceB0xx (@voiceb0xx) February 3, 2017