Poppy-selling vets welcome at St. Sauveur supermarket, after initially being refused

The Royal Canadian Legion branch at Morin Heights will be allowed to sell poppies at the Super C store in nearby St. Sauveur, after the store's manager initially turned them away.

CJAD 800 contacted Metro, Super C's parent company, after learning of the snub. Pierre Rawicz, the secretary of the Morin Heights branch, had said that the manager had said he needed permission from his head office before giving the vets the okay.

A statement from Metro said the manager in question will contact the Morin Heights branch and let them set up their poppy table. The statement suggested the manager may have spontaneously refused because of space constraints at the store, and might not have been aware of corporate policy regarding the annual poppy campaign.

"All our stores have the instruction to welcome Royal Canadian Legions," the statement reads. "We will take this opportunity to remind our store managers about it."

Members of Royal Canadian Legion branches across the country are showing up in supermarkets, banks, donut shops and other high-traffic locations to set up poppy tables. The donation money raised between now and Remembrance Day goes to the Legion's Poppy Fund, which assists veterans and their dependents.