Possible CN Rail strike could affect AMT lines starting Tuesday

Thousands of CN Rail workers could walk off the job on Tuesday, with the Teamsters union issuing a 72-hour strike notice on Sunday.

The union says it was provoked by what it calls unilateral changes to the collective agreement imposed by management.

"The company will try to paint themselves as victims, when in reality, they're likely to provoke a strike for the sole purpose of having an arbitrator possibly grant concessions." said Roland Hackl, vice-president of the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference and lead negotiator for the union.

If there is a strike, it could impact AMT commuters on the Mascouche and Deux-Montagnes lines, which are either owned or managed by CN Rail.

A strike among CP Rail workers in 2015 led to delays and cancelled trains for several days on the CP-owned Vaudreuil-Hudson, Candiac and St-Jérôme lines.