Verdun warns pet owners about rat poison in back alleys

The borough of Verdun has sent letters out to residents warning about containers of rat poison which it found in some back alleys.

"Please take note that for some time, we found containers of contaminated food, possibly with rat poison," the letter reads. "We would thus advise you to be be vigilant while your children or animals are outside."

The borough says the affected area is a 10-block area between Verdun and Wellington Sts., from 1st Ave. to Woodland St.

The advisory went out last week, just as animal control officials began dealing with a possible case of rat poisoning in the neighborhood.

Montreal's SPCA says Gaston, a young dachshund, is recovering after apparently ingesting the contents of one of the containers, and having received several blood transfusions.

In April, the SPCA issued a similar alert after several tins of cat food were laced with rat poison in the alley between 3rd and 4th Aves.