Postal workers, supporters protesting in Montreal and across Canada

Upset about back-to-work legislation, Canada Post employees and supporters are gathering across the country.

Several workers gathered and protested outside Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Papineau office in Montreal.

Rosemary Walley, whose father was a postal worker, was at the protest.

“I’m totally enraged the government has issued this decree that postal workers have to go back to work,” she said. “We have our constitutional rights and unless we defend them they’ll simply fritter away.”

Meanwhile, Canada Post say protests at some of its facilities are in violation of court orders.

In Mississuaga, Ont., several protesters are blocking mail from getting in or out of one of the country's busiest postal hubs.

Members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees have been involved with several protests across the nation. They say 19 protests are scheduled this weekend.

CUPE says they will allow workers to enter postal hubs, but they won't allow mail to leave. 

CUPE's Ontario branch reports that protesters have been served with an injunction, but they will continue to protest in solidarity with postal workers.

The injunctions were granted by courts in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, prohibiting anyone from obstructing or interfering with people or vehicles entering or exiting its facilities.

Bill C-89 received royal assent on November 26, putting a stop to rotating strikes which started on October 22.

With files from CTV Montreal and the Canadian Press.