Pothole nearly swallows minivan in St. Jerome

A 67-year-old man on his morning run delivering the Journal de Montréal got a nasty surprise driving through a puddle in St. Jerome Wednesday.

Maurice Durand was driving down François St. in the Laurentian community at around 4:30 a.m. when he noticed a puddle of water in the middle of the roadway.

He decided to drive through it, and hit a pothole so immense that it swallowed just about the whole of his Ford Escape's front end.

"There was so much water in the hole, that you couldn't see anything," Durand said. "The front [of my van] landed right in it."

Neither he, nor his partner, Sonya Gamache, were hurt, but someone else had to take his paper route while his van was towed away.

Durand says he plans to file a damage claim with the city, saying the city of St. Jerome didn't put any kind of sign up warning that there was a pothole ahead.

A water main break was reported in the area at around midnight, and a city spokesperson says there was an orange cone placed on scene within hours of the break.

It's not clear whether it was still there at the time of the accident.

Photos courtesy Sonya Gamache.