PQ demands more money for electric vehicles just days before Ottawa budget

With the Trudeau government set to unveil the federal budget on Tuesday, the Parti Quebecois is demanding Ottawa do more to fund Quebec’s electric transit infrastructure.

In a document obtained by The Canadian Press on Sunday, the PQ outlined several demands it will make at a press conference on Monday that will be held by party finance critic Nicolas Marceau.

Traditionally, federal opposition parties draw up grocery lists during the budget-making period, but parties in various provincial legislatures have been known to also make requests.

The PQ is asking that the federal government put in place a rebate for the purchase of electric vehicles, which Quebec already offers at the provincial level.

The party is also demanding that Quebec receive a “fair share” of federal funds for the installation of electric charging stations, based on the proportion of electric cars sold in Canada, as well as another fair share of funds from the Federal Automotive Innovation Fund.

Quebec has not received any of the fund’s money, with 100 per cent of the $570 million distributed thus far going to Ontario. 

The fund is projected to distribute $1.25 billion by 2021.

In 2017, Ontario topped Quebec to take the title of the province in which the most electric vehicles were sold. 

According to data compiled by Fleet Carma, 7,477 plug-in and all-electric vehicles were sol din Ontario, compared to 7,149 sold in Quebec. 

However, Quebec still has the highest percentage of electric vehicles sold, with 2.2 per cent.