PQ to court minority groups for more diverse candidates

The Parti Quebecois (PQ) entered a new era on Sunday, the 'post-convergence' era: the party is mourning its attempt to join forces with Québec Solidaire and is now turning to cultural communities.

PQ leader Jean-François Lisee is aiming for a 'fair representation' of people of diversity among the delegates at his September congress but also for his team of candidates in the 2018 elections.

By 'fair representation', it means a proportion of 16 per cent, that is, the proportion of visible minorities in the Quebec population.

In a news conference Sunday at the PQ National Council in Drummondville, he said he does not want to talk about quota, but ensures that at the September congress there will be at least 16 percent minority delegates.

But for candidates in the 2018 election, he said the party would like to reach 16 percent and work on it.

In his speech to party members, PQ President Raymond Archambault said the party was entering a new political era, a post-convergence era, after the failed attempt to converge sovereignist movements, blocked at the last minute by Québec Solidaire.