PQ using "languages" issue to heat up campaign and fire up support

As it continues to slump in the polls the Parti Quebecois hopes to get a bump by trying to keep "languages" as an issue in the Quebec election campaign. On Saturday the PQ promised to toughen the province's language laws.

Standing near the gates of one of Montreal's best-known English universities, PQ leader Jean-Francois Lisée said that his party, if elected, would require all students attending English-language CEGEPs to complete a semester in a French CEGEP as a condition of graduation.

"It's part of the Quebec experience, and I think it's an enrichment,'' he said at a Saturday morning news conference outside McGill University. Lisée did not put a cost to his plan, which he said would be preceded by studies and pilot projects.

The Parti Quebecois leader also reminded voters of his proposal to extend the reach of the province's French language charter, known as Bill 101, and also to table new legislation he's calling Bill 202. 

More to come...