PQ wins another seat in recount — and it's significant

The Parti Québécois has added a tenth seat at the National Assembly after winning a recount in an eastern Quebec riding.

The party had contested the results in Gaspé and sought a judicial recount after the Oct. 1 vote.

Late Wednesday, the PQ's Méganne Perry-Melançon was officially awarded the seat by 41 votes over Liberal candidate Alexandre Boulay.

Boulay had initially been announced the winner by 132 votes.

Both parties took to social media to acknowledge the recount results late Wednesday.

The result is significant, because it now puts the PQ in a tie with Quebec solidiare in terms of seats, with 10 each — but because the PQ won a slightly higher percentage of the vote on Oct. 1 than Quebec solidaire, the PQ are now the second opposition party.

There is one more recount to come next week in the northern Quebec riding of Ungava, currently held by the Coalition Avenir Quebec but also being contested by the PQ.

As it stands, the Coalition Avenir Quebec have 74 seats at the legislature, followed by the Liberals who now have 29 seats.

There is currently one Independent and one vacant seat.

Meanwhile, Elections Quebec has launched an investigation into the vote count in Gaspé.

It appears the investigation will center around ballot box No. 61 in Gaspé. On election night, all 194 ballots cast into it were counted for Boulay.