Premier Legault announces new action committee for solutions to annual spring flooding

Quebec Premier Francois Legault has announced a new action committee to come up with measures by late next winter or early spring to minimize the impact of annual spring flooding.

Premier Legault told a news conference that the difference between the action committee and a working group or parliamentary commission is that they intend to have results in months and not years after numerous recommendations.

Among the goals: short term measures such as reimbursements for flood damage; and medium term measures to build infrastructure and relocate homeowners out of flood zones which will likely be remapped.

"It's not an easy process to redefine a flood zone but I think it's important that we do so and it's important taxpayers don't pay every year for renovations and (repairs) so of course we need to have a new definition," said Legault.

The premier said he realizes some homeowners will stay, money or no money.

"Some others we'll have to make sure we won't reimburse them every year for the next 25 years," said Legault.

Legault said he is not opposed to holding something similar to the Nicolet Commission which looked into the way the Saguenay floods and the 1998 ice storm were handled and that it could be held in parallel to his action committee.

The new committee will be presided by the public security minister with help from other ministers involved in anti-flooding measures.