Priest: church knew I was a pedophile and did nothing

A priest convicted of sexually assaulting 39 children during the decades he worked in parishes in the Saguenay region wrote some damning documents before he died earlier this month.  

Paul-André Harvey wrote that his superiors within the Roman Catholic Church knew he was an active pedophile, but every time a complaint surfaced, they'd simply move him to another parish and tell him to spend more time praying.  

He says the region's police forces also let him off the hook, questioning him four times between 1965 and 1985, but each time letting him go with a warning not to re-offend.

Harvey says the church never gave him the help he was seeking to deal with his deviance.  

The documents he wrote were obtained by La Presse. 

Harvey died May 3 while serving a six year jail term.