Private partner for the Big 0?

The Quebec government is reportedly hoping someone will breathe new life into the Big 0.

The TVA network said the Couillard government will launch a call for global tenders Friday for a private party to determine a new vocation for the underused and much-criticized Olympic stadium.

Quebec Tourism Minister Julie Boulet, who's responsible for the Olympic Installations Board, says perhaps the Cirque Du Soileil can use the stadium for its shows.

Possible partners have until April 28 to express an interest in a stadium partnership.

The Quebec cabinet would have to approve any decision on the future of the circular venue used originally for the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

Meantime, the government will decide by year's end what to do about the stadium's much-maligned roof, which needs to be replaced again. 

That could cost as much as $300-million.