Professional development for school board administrators includes fashion advice

In the Sherbrooke area, a day-long, union-organized professional development session for school board administrators raised some eyebrows because of the nature of the afternoon session.  

As La Presse reports, no one had any qualms about the morning seminar given by a psychologist, as it dealt with emotional intelligence and performance psychology in the school setting.  

But the afternoon session administrators were given time away from their desks to attend was about fashion.  

Quebec designer Jean Airoldi would  talk about how to dress for self-esteem, flatter figure type and age, how to look ten pounds lighter and how to transition outfits from the office to the "cinq à sept".

The bill for the day:  $235 per person, paid through the fund the union receives to offer training courses.  

After bosses at the Commission scolaire de la Region-de-Sherbrooke caught wind of the nature of the afternoon session, 16 of the 25 participants who'd signed up were told they would not get time away from their duties to attend.