Projet Montreal wants to create 'traffic authority' to manage traffic

The opposition Projet Montreal party says it plans on creating an authority to manage traffic congestion if its mayoralty candidate, Valerie Plante, defeats Denis Coderre in November.

Plante says "traffic authorities" exist in Vancouver and in other American cities, and would be in charge of intervening quickly in urgent situations to help relieve traffic problems, particularly during rush hours.

The new authority, she says, would be comprised of both police officers and civilians. Plante says it would spring into action if, "for example, traffic lanes are needlessly blocked by a construction zone, if an illegal construction zone appears and if there are cars stopped there, if the signaling around the zone is inadequate or if there aren't safe areas designated for pedestrians and cyclists."

There would also be a hotline set up, to allow people to report traffic problems.

Plante also suggests creating a traffic authority would only be a partial solution to easing traffic congestion — she says the other part of the solution would be to develop the city's public transit network, which she calls "saturated".

Late last year, after winning the party's leadership, Plante floated the idea of creating a new metro line that would run through Rosemont and on to Montreal North — what she called the "pink line". 

She suggests traffic congestion costs Montrealers around $2.5 billion a year.