Protest over Nazi flag atop Park-Ex condo

Around 100 people marched through Park Extension on Saturday demanding the name of a man seen waving a Nazi flag from a local condo building earlier this week.

The man was photographed holding the swastika-emblazoned flag on Tuesday, disturbing many including Samiha Hossain, who helped organize the protest.

“I’m in Park Extension ever since I was born. We are a multicultural neighbourhood, a collection of nations, religions, cultures,” she told CTV Montreal. “When I saw the flag, I was really shocked. Why would there be such a message in Park Extension? There’s no place for that.”

Demonstrators want the condo board for the building on Hutchison St. to divulge the name of the man waiving the flag, saying waiving the symbol of the most prolific anti-semites of the 20th Century constitutes a hate crime.

They also are demanding police take action.

While it is cooperating with police, the condo board has reportedly said it won't release the man's name.

Montreal's links to fascism have come to the surface this week. On Thursday, The Gazette reported a prominent white supremacist known by the online handle Zeiger is a Montreal resident and has been actively recruiting others in the city to his cause.

On Saturday, 11,000 message from a private chat room favoured by neo-nazis and other members of what has been referred to as the 'alt-right' were leaked and released online. The messages include communications from Zeiger with others that identify as Nazis or part of the alt-right.

Messages include plans to meet and derogatory, racist and otherwise xenophobic remarks.

-with files from CTV Montreal