Province-wide school bus strike May 15

Another school bus strike on the horizon, this one though will be much bigger than the last.

Unions representing about 2,100 school bus drivers across the province announced Tuesday that members would be walking off the job on May 15, the first of six general strike days.

The job action will affect close 110,000 students at 32 school boards. A full list is available below.

CSN president Jacques Létourneau said one of the main sticking points in negotiations is compensation. The average bus driver earns an annual salary of just under $20,000 per year, which is about $18 an hour. There are others though who make just over minimum wage with no benefits.

Létourneau added that compensation has been a driving factor in an ongoing labour shortage, which has led to poor working conditions. He said the low wages makes it hard to bring in new drivers and keep others they already have.

The unions said to date negotiations and a meeting last month with Education Minister Sébastien Proulx have failed to produce any solution.

If nothing changes bus drivers will walk off the job again on May 28.

Affected school boards:

  • English Montreal
  • Lester B. Pearson
  • Riverside
  • Sir Wilfrid-Laurier
  • Commission scolaire de Montréal
  • Marguerite-Bourgeoys
  • Marie-Victorin
  • CS de Laval
  • CS des Sommets
  • CS Laurentides
  • CS Kamouraska Riviere-du-Loup
  • CS Monts-et-Marées
  • CS des Bois-Francs
  • CS Beauce-Etchemin
  • CS des Navigateurs
  • CS des Hauts Cantons
  • CS de la Region-de-Sherbrooke
  • CS des Samares
  • CS des Affluents
  • CS des Laurentides
  • CS Rivieres-du-Nord
  • CS Seigneuries des Milles-iles
  • CS Chemin-du-Roy
  • CS des Patriotes
  • CS des Grandes Seigneuries
  • CS Val-des-Cerfs
  • CS de Charlevoix
  • CS de la Capitale
  • CS des Decouvreurs
  • CS de Portneuf
  • CS Central Quebec
  • CS de la Jonquiere
  • CS Rives-du-Saguenay