Provincial Liberals now in fourth place among Francophone voters: Poll

A new poll has put the provincial Liberal Party at its lowest-ever level of support, just as the governing CAQ reaches its highest-ever level of support.

The Léger poll conducted for the Journal de Montréal placed support for the PLQ at just 21% provincewide.  That's down a full four points from the party's meagre 25% of the vote in last fall's election, which saw the Liberals decisively ejected from power after just one term on the government benches.

Perhaps even more worrying for the party of Robert Bourassa, Jean Charest and Philippe Couillard, the poll found support for the PLQ to be just 10% among Francophone voters.  That leaves the Liberals in last-place among the four parties with representation in the National Assembly.

The news was not great for the Parti Québécois, either.  

The poll placed support for the party at 15%, tied with Québec Solidaire — though the Péquistes narrowly edged out their left-wing rivals among Francophone voters, with 18% support among native French-speakers, compared to 17% for Manon Massé and Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois's party.

But while the three opposition parties remain tied up in a fight for last place, the poll paints a decidedly far sunnier picture for the CAQ. François Legault's party claimed the support of 44% of voters in the poll, and an astonishing 52% of Francophone voters.  

The last time a provincial party won more than 50% of Francophone voters? That was in the 1998 election, when then-Premier Lucien Bouchard led the PQ to a second term in office despite narrowly losing the provincewide vote to the PLQ.