Public servants who don't take off religious symbols or switch jobs will be out of a job: CAQ

Public servants in positions of authority who refuse to remove religious symbols will be given different jobs or dismissed, a spokeswoman for the Coalition Avenir Quebec transition team says.

Genevieve Guilbault, elected Monday for the Coalition in a Quebec City riding, says public servants who lose their jobs after refusing to respect the new rules will be the authors of their own misfortune.

Francois Legault's Coalition campaigned on a promise to prohibit public servants wielding authority from wearing religious symbols on the job. That list includes judges, police officers, teachers, prosecutors and prison guards.

Speaking at a Coalition gathering, Guilbault says there will be a transition period for employees after the law is adopted.

She says those affected will have a choice _ move to another job that is not a position of authority or remove their religious symbols.

Guilbault says if they refuse both, they will be dismissed.