Quebec City police arrest two, weeks after August protests

Two young men arrested Tuesday in connection with an August demonstration that saw protesters clash with riot police were released later in the day on a promise to appear in court.

The men, 19 and 20, were charged with assault causing bodily harm, while the 19-year-old was also charged with armed assault.

Police in the provincial capital say two distinct groups took part in demonstrations on Aug. 20 and that a third group was involved in another protest, which was declared illegal.

The protest was broken up by the anti-riot squad and police say an investigation into alleged criminal acts is ongoing.

Several hundred people had gathered to oppose a demonstration planned by La Meute, a right-wing group that wanted to protest against immigration policies.

Some demonstrators who defined themselves as anti-fascists ended up clashing with police after blocking La Meute members in an underground parking garage for several hours.

The counter-protest was organized by anti-fascist and pro-refugee groups after at least two Quebecers were identified participating in a white supremacist rally last month in Charlottesville, Va.