Quebec City woman nearly crashes through home during driving test

Most tests could be classified as stressful with the exam to get your driver's license having a bit of added pressure. 

Among the many things you need to make sure you know going into your SAAQ exam, which pedal is the gas and which one is the break.

On Tuesday morning a 45-year-old woman was taking her driving exam in the Duberger-Les Saules area of Quebec City. When she came to the intersection of Michelet St. near Laurin Ave, instead of hitting the brake it's believed the woman mistakenly floored it.

Her dark SUV then jumped a curb, ran over some hedges before coming to a stop on the front steps of a nearby home.

There was no one home at the time of the accident.

No one suffered any major injuries but the woman behind the wheel was treated for shock.

She did not pass the exam.