Quebec election: home care, transport, climate change on leaders' agendas

If you're a senior, or will be one soon, the CAQ made some election promises that directly affect you on Monday.

On Day 19 of the Quebec election campaign — we're just about halfway to the Oct. 1 voting day — CAQ leader François Legault announced an $800 million investment over four years to allow CLSCs to provided more home care for seniors.

The idea, Legault says, is to help free up other front-line services by keeping more seniors at home.

Legault adds some 31,000 Quebecers remain on a waiting list for home care services.

Meanwhile, the PQ unveiled its wish list for the environment on Monday — if elected, the party would pass legislation to assert Quebec's environmental independence.

Party leader Jean-François Lisée would not allow any new hydrocarbon projects, and would eventually phase out exploration permits. 

It would also allow only electric cars to be sold in Quebec by the year 2035.

The Liberals, meanwhile, kept the issue of the province's ongoing labor shortage in the spotlight, by promising to hand $15 million per year to the regions to help integrate new immigrant workers.

Québec Solidaire, meanwhile, had intercity bus travel within Quebec on its mind Monday — it pledged to create a brand new agency to oversee, and ultimately improve, travel within Quebec which it believes is inefficient, uneven, and sometimes pricey.

The party announced it would spend $2 billion to create the agency, which would essentially purchase the assets of private bus carriers.