Quebec farms suffering from drought and crop losses

Lack of rain and really warm weather has been good news for some taking in summer vacation, but for Quebec farmers, it hasn't been the best of times.

The extreme heat from last week has created a drought within the crops of farms.

For some, like Pascal Lecault, president of Vegibec in Oka, it's been difficult to get more access to water.

"I have water but in the Lake of Two Mountains, but it's (too far)," he said.

In his area, it hasn't rained in a month and he's ran out of water in his soil and reserve.

His vegetable crops are now suffering and so is his wallet.

Lecault estimates a revenue loss of four to five million dollars in the next month.

On a smaller scale, but still in the negatives, Daniel Laviolette, owner of a grass company in Mirabel, said this drought has already cost him $100,000.

He said if the weather continues this way, he'll lose up to half a million dollars by the end of the season.

Laviolette said he's hoping the provincial government will step in with some solutions for this.

He said he wants a government official to sit down with them to see how they can help farmers.

Laviolette said a solution to this could be getting a break from the government either with their payments or their interest charged.

A statement from La Financière agricole du Québec suggests that farmers would be protected if they've opted for crop insurance.

This insurance protects farmers against "risks associated with adverse weather conditions and uncontrollable natural phenomena, like drought."

In this case, anyone with this insurance would be compensated.

A rep for the government body said they don't yet have the data on the present situation, but once they do, they'll be able to go ahead with compensating farmers.

They also urge anyone affected to make arrangements with La Financière agricole. 

No matter what the weather holds, Jeremie Letellier of the Union des Producteurs Agricoles (UPA) said farmers will get through this dry period.

"Now we have a drought and that's not something that happens very often in Quebec," he said. "No matter, what we have to stay positive, there's a forecast for rain."