Quebec has Canada's least expensive marijuana

According to a new Statistics Canada survey, Canada's cheapest marijuana is sold right here in Quebec. 

The Agency said Quebecers pay just under 6-dollars per gram - or about $170 per ounce - on average in both the illegal AND legal markets.  The Canadian average is about one dollar more per gram.

The Northwest Territories is where to find the most expensive marijuana in the country with average prices of $12 per gram. 

Quebec City ranks at the top of the list of cheapest places to buy pot, with an average price of $6 per gram. Montreal follows in second at $6.24 per gram, then Victoria with $6.94. 

These figures are based on Statistics Canada's current online survey of cannabis prices. These are the prices for the month of February, but the Agency cautions that the numbers are collected through an anonymous online survey that anyone is free to respond to.