Quebec hunters fined for harassing a moose

A pair of hunters from the province's Nord-du-Québec region aren't laughing anymore after their viral video landed them a near $2,000 fine for harassing an animal.

In 2015 the men filmed themselves chasing a possibly pregnant female moose along a trail in Lebel-sur-Quévillon.

In the video you can hear one of the men shouting at the frightened moose, laughing and taking pleasure in scaring the animal.

The chase lasts a couple hundred meters before the moose leaves the path and heads back towards the woods.

The hunters uploaded the video to Facebook, where it went viral, but not because anyone else thought it was funny.

Quebec's Wildlife Ministry received multiple complaints after it was posted online, and ultimately charged them with illegally hunting large game.

After the pair was found guilty, a judge recently ordered them to pay $1,825 each while at the same time revoking their hunting licenses.

A similar case in British Columbia had a near identical ending earlier this year.

Two men were convicted of harassing wildlife after a video on YouTube showed them using a boat to try and capture a moose swimming across a lake near Fort Nelson B.C.

One of the men actually jumped onto the back of the animal as it tried to make its way through the water.

The pair were fined $2,000 and were also ordered to pay an additional $2,000 each to the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, as well as a victims surcharge payment.