Quebec judge invites province to recognize reality of three-parent families

A Quebec judge is inviting provincial lawmakers to consider the possibility of multi-parent families after a complex legal fight involving a little girl and her three parents.

The three-year-old's biological father asked the judge to have his name put on the child's birth certificate to replace that of a woman who was considered the toddler's second mother and who is currently undergoing changes to become a man.

He also asked the judge to change the child's last name to his own.

In Quebec, the law recognizes only two parents for a child, and only those names are recorded on the birth certificate.

Superior Court Justice Gary Morrison writes in a decision delivered in late April that life is often more complex.

According to the judge, limiting it to two parents on the document doesn't correspond with the social reality in 2018.

He said the best interests of the child would require that the law allow the recognition — on an emotional and socio-economic level — that the girl has three parents.

But the judge ruled he had no choice but to apply the law as it currently exists.

Given the evidence before him, he chose to put the biological father on the birth certificate but refused to give the child his last name.