Quebec law firm seeks to file class action against Netflix over fee hikes

A Quebec law firm is seeking authorization to launch a class action lawsuit on behalf of Netflix users in the province who were allegedly charged higher fees unilaterally.

The motion, filed earlier this month in Quebec Superior Court, alleges Netflix didn't follow rules laid out in the province's Consumer Protection Act.

The suit contends Netflix didn't specify the previous rate that users were paying and didn't give an option to cancel if they disagreed with the hike.

A judge must still authorize the suit, which law firm Kugler Kandestin is seeking on behalf of Frederic Seigneur.

If authorized by a judge, the lawsuit would apply only to Quebec users of the popular video streaming service. The court document pegs that number at 1.45 million.

Lawyer Pierre Boivin says the suit seeks a reimbursement of the fee hike as well as several million in punitive damages.

If you were a Netflix subscriber living in the province of Quebec last summer, you could be one of over a million users who will automatically be included in the class action lawsuit. For more information, communicate with Alexandre Brosseau-Wery and Pierre Boivin, the attorneys in charge of the file, by calling 514-878-2861, or email them directly at or