Quebec Liberals say they'll spend within their means and still balance the books

The Quebec Liberal party said they are staying the course and offering a conservative financial framework if re-elected, insisting they have realistic goals based on prudent calculations unlike their rivals.

Party leader Philippe Couillard said their plan is to keep balancing the books, spend more on healthcare and educations as promised in the last budget and finance their campaign promises with the wiggle room they have.

Their financial plan forecasts increased economic growth which will help boost government revenues.

It does not promise any more tax cuts other than the ones already set out in the last budget. Couillard said they'd cut taxes only if it's possible and "not unless they're sure the funding for public services are well-grounded."

Couilard said they are opting for a more prudent and cautious path due to unknowns such as the current labour shortage and NAFTA negotiations.

"It rests on real money and not monopoly money," said Couillard, referencing the CAQ's financial framework and its "hypothetical reduction of $4B of government expenses that no one can actually detail."

"It's only based on money we know we have and why do we have this money? Because we manage the public finances well and intervene in order to make our economy even stronger than it was, much stronger than it was in 2014."

The last budget called for an increase of 4.6% for healthcare spending and 5% for education.