Quebec minimum wage is now $12.50 an hour

About 280,000 Quebecers working minimum wage jobs are getting a bit of a raise Wednesday.

The province's minimum wage increases by $0.50 to now be $12.50 an hour. Those who work in the food service industry and receive tips will see their hourly wage goes up to $10.05 an hour, an increase of $0.25.

The bump in minimum wage was announced last January by Labour Minister Jean Boulet.

At $12.50 an hour, Quebec's minimum wage is the fourth highest in Canada, behind Alberta ($15), Ontario ($14) and B.C. ($12.65).

British Columbia will be increasing its minimum wage to $13.85 on June 1.

Many activists, community groups and unions continue to call on the government to raise the province's minimum hourly rate to $15 an hour, a move Premier Francois Legault has said would do more harm to the economy than good.