Quebec political parties being pressed on Environmental issues ahead of election campaign

A coalition of environmental groups launched its strategy on Sunday to influence the platform priorities of Quebec's political parties ahead of this fall's election. The groups want to see "amitious promises" adopted during the campaign and then turned into good public policy or regulations to create economic opportunities and jobs for Quebecers, while protectnig the environment. 

The head of Montreal-based Equiterre, Sidney Ribaux, says it's important for these groups to act before the parties layout the green planks of their platforms. 

"A lot of the focus has been around making sure that we tackle the main issues around climate change in Quebec," he said. "Transportation, basically, and fossil fuel production and consumption." 

This would include the electrification of vehicles and ensuring the necessary infrastructure is available to support it, in addition to more sustainable public transit options.

"We really need to make sure in the next years that people have alternatives to using petrol to get around," said Ribaux. "So, we have a seies of propositions that we're asking the various political parties to adopt in that direction. 

The groups are also seeking more sustainable forestry practices, as well as other climate change-related priorities.