Quebec public service wants YOU

If you're looking for a job in the Quebec public service, now is the time to apply.

The Quebec government's new Anglophone affairs secretariat is putting out a call for applications.

It's making good on its promise to help in recruiting more English-speakers in the civil service.

They're looking for employees in three different groups all at the same time - the first time the public service department has done this. That way, the secretariat said, you can apply in all three groups and departments can choose candidates by scanning through all the applications and available jobs at once.

The three groups are socioeconomic research and planning officers(code 105), administrative processes analysts (108) and administration specialists (111), with more than 1500 jobs available mostly in the Montreal and Quebec City areas. They're looking for expertise in project management, administration and finance, economics and statistics and research.

Candidates should go to the Portail Carrieres website for more information on applying. The deadline is June 19.