Quebec reviewing Montreal public transportation priorities

The Quebec government is launcing an examination of several large public transit and mobility projects across the greater Montreal area today. 

Extensions of the STM's Orange-Line in Montreal and Laval, plus the Yellow-Line in Longueuil are among the top priorities. 

The review could require close to $15 million to complete their analyzes, which are described as "preliminary drafts" that will inform tarnsit solutions across the Montreal region. 

According to reports, some of the other important projects for the Regional Metropolitan Transport Authority include: 

  • Taschereau Boulevard in Longueuil;
  • The Mascouche train line in the North Shore and Montreal;
  • Extending rapid transit bus-service along Pie-IX boulevard; and
  • Development of similar rapid service from the the north east sector of the city to downtown Montreal. 

Mayor Valerie Plante's so-called Pink Line metro project isn't on the list of priorities, but sources at City Hall suggest they're not concerned because the other projects are much further advanced.